#2: DJ Gladney, 3B

The Clubhouse Conversations Interview Series exists to celebrate and give more visibility to the professional Black baseball players in Minor League Baseball and Major League Baseball, Black coaches/scouts/managers/front office members, and the Black writers who cover professional baseball. These interviews will solely be featured on Unculture and conduct the same purpose as my articles, which will move back over to my personal Medium page. …

Background + Path to Professional Baseball

Jasrado “Jazz” Chisholm is a twenty-three-year-old Afro-Bahamian from Nassau, Bahamas who plays for the Miami Marlins. Chisholm’s path to professional baseball started when he was scouted and signed by the Arizona Diamondbacks organization as an international amateur free agent during the 2015 J2 Signing Period, receiving a 200,000 dollar signing bonus after he put his signature on the dotted line.

Chisholm was taught how to play the game by his maternal grandmother, a woman who was the star shortstop on Bahama’s national softball teams. Chisholm was inspired to have his expressive and electric style of play after he witnessed his…

Issue №2: April 19th — May 3rd

The sport of baseball has always been a cat-and-mouse game where pitchers hold a slight advantage over hitters. Due to a spike in pitching development success over the last decade, pitchers in Major League Baseball have become more effective, throwing strikeouts and (whatever the phrase for pitches that you can’t get hits off of is) at a dramatically increasing rate. Many individuals throughout the realms of baseball are placing far too much blame on the hitters, and are not recognizing, or actively ignoring, the fact that starting pitchers and relievers have reached a new level in terms of ability. …

Background + Path to Professional Baseball

Tahnaj Thomas is a twenty-one-year-old starting pitcher from Freeport, Bahamas. Thomas is a prospect in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization but was signed by the Cleveland Baseball Team in December 2016 as an international amateur free agent, receiving a 200,000 dollar signing bonus. Originally a position player during his amateur career, Thomas was converted into a starting pitcher by the Cleveland Baseball Team after signing and has remained in that role throughout his professional career so far.

Background + Path to MLB

Emmanuel Clase(pronounced CLAH-say) is a twenty-three-year-old relief pitcher from Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic who plays for the Cleveland Baseball Team. Clase’s path to professional baseball started in 2015 when he signed as an amateur free agent with the San Diego Padres, receiving a 125,000 dollar signing bonus. After three unremarkable years in the Padres farm system, he was traded to the Texas Rangers for Brett Nicholas as the Player To Be Named Later(PTBNL) in a very minor deal where the Padres were looking for backup catcher depth.

After joining the Rangers organization, Clase became a bit of a late…


Editor’s note: Sorry to keep intruding on your quality time reading Pat’s excellent writing, but I wanted to introduce his re-revamped role here at Unculture. This is the first edition of his new weekly MLB column. You can expect excellent coverage of the happenings in baseball, including the upshot in both leagues, from his unique perspective and voice. Enjoy!

The professional athletes that have played in Minor League Baseball are already the best in the world at the game of baseball. The almost twenty thousand individuals who have worn an MLB uniform are outliers in a world of hundreds of…

#1: Justin Lewis, Pitcher

I will be conducting interviews with Black baseball players in Minor League Baseball & Major League Baseball to give something different than a scouting report with a bit of background information for our audience. These interviews will solely be featured on Unculture and conduct the same purpose as my articles, which will move back over to my personal Medium page. Baseball would not be the global sport that it is without the participation of the African diaspora, and this interview series exists to celebrate and give visibility to the Black baseball players of all ethnicities and nationalities who have…


My original intent for writing the “Black MLB/MiLB Players” series was to introduce up-and-coming Black baseball players to casual fans of the game and people that don’t pay attention to baseball. I decided to focus on a superstar for the first entry for Unculture in a not-so-subtle attempt to grab the attention of readers with a familiar name, and in my opinion Mookie Betts is the epitome of a superstar. He is constantly making dazzling plays with the bat, on the basepaths, and with his glove. Betts is one of the most accomplished active players in Major League Baseball and…

#0: Introduction

Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Roberto Clemente Sr.


My name is Patrick Ellington Jr., and I started the “Black MLB Players” series a little over a year ago as a hobby to introduce people to Black baseball players on the active rosters of Major League Baseball organizations. Recently I started another series titled “Black MiLB Players”, which covers Black baseball players who participate in Minor League Baseball with a concentration on top prospects. The narrative that Black people do not participate in baseball is historically inaccurate, as Black people in the Western Hemisphere have an illustrious history with baseball that spans over 100 years. The “Black MLB Players”…

Background + Path To Professional Baseball

Vidal Bruján is a 23-year-old second baseman in the Tampa Bay Rays organization. He is a Haitian-Dominican from San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic, one of two cities in the Dominican Republic that have a large concentration of individuals of Haitian descent. Many professional baseball players of Haitian descent do not publicly claim to be Haitian to protect themselves and their family members, as Haitians that live in the Dominican Republic are subject to systematic racism. Former and current MLB players that claim to be of Haitian descent include Alfonso Soriano, Tony Fernandez, Miguel Sanó, and Touki Toussaint.

Bruján began…

Patrick Ellington

sports journalist, film director, writer of novels/screenplays/comics, etc.

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