Black MiLB Players You Need To Know About #2: Hunter Greene

Path To Professional Baseball

Hunter Greene is a 21-year-old starting pitcher from Los Angeles, California. In high school, Greene was a two-way player who played shortstop when it was not his turn to pitch. Southern California is one of the most talented regions in the world for high school baseball, and Greene standing out amongst his peers whether it be on the mound or with a bat in his hands is a testament to his skill level as a baseball player.

Hunter Greene is one of the few athletes to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated while in high school.

Greene was seen as one of the best high school prospects since his sophomore year of high school. He played on the United States national baseball team in the 2015 18-and-under World Cup, and had the attention of scouts throughout his amateur career. Greene is an alumnus of MLB’s Youth Academy in Compton, California as well, which has produced a lot of professional baseball players in recent years.

Greene was committed to UCLA on a full scholarship for baseball, which happens to be one of the top college baseball programs in the country currently. Viewed as a top 5 talent by many individuals, Greene was drafted with the 2nd overall pick of the 2017 MLB Draft by the Cincinnati Reds straight out of high school and received a $7 million dollar signing bonus. Greene received the highest signing bonus ever given out to a draftee under the current draft system implemented by the MLB.

Hunter Greene only has 72 innings of professional baseball under his belt, as he did not participate in the 2019 MiLB season due to elbow injuries and the 2020 MiLB season being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, Greene possesses talent that is rarely seen in baseball and if he can make it to the majors he has a chance to be star.

Player Profile

Hunter Greene is a right-handed starting pitcher who is 6'4'’, and weighs 215 pounds. He throws four pitches from a traditional 3/4ths arm slot: fastball, slider, cutter, and changeup. He is a top tier athlete, and possesses traits that makes him a premium talent.

Greene’s trademark is his fastball, which sits in the upper nineties and can be thrown as hard as 103 mph. In his first full season of professional baseball Greene outright dominated his peers with his pitch. Even to the most conservative evaluators, it is a plus-plus offering. Greene’s secondary offerings are thought highly of by evaluators as well. His slider/cutter combo are deemed above average, and they compliment the fastball really well. His changeup has been an above-average pitch since he was in high school.

For a power pitcher, Greene has uncharacteristically great command and pitchability. He is known for throwing strikes and being aggressive, and gets praise for limiting walks and attacking hitters. His ability to control his vicious arsenal due to his clean mechanics and athleticism is what truly separates him from his peers.

Greene is also lauded for his intelligence, maturity, and competitiveness. He also has been described by some as possessing the will to become better. He seems to be undeterred by missing time due to injury and the canceled season, and this determination is a huge sign of great makeup.


Hunter Greene may not have large professional track record, but he still stands out due to his sky high potential. In my opinion, Greene has a chance to be a full fledged ace, and a leader in the clubhouse wherever he winds up playing. Greene does not just offer incentives on the mound, but possesses leadership skills and intelligence to transform the culture of the organization he is in. Hunter Greene is a truly transcendent talent on and off the diamond, and I am excited to see him during the upcoming 2021 MiLB season.

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