What Is This Blog?

A brief explanation of what I do.

Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Roberto Clemente Sr.

I started the “Black MLB Players” series a little over a year ago as a hobby to introduce people to Black baseball players on the active rosters of Major League Baseball organizations. After a decent amount of success, I decided to expand and start another series titled “Black MiLB Players”, which covers Black baseball players who participate in Minor League Baseball with a concentration on top prospects in MLB farm systems. The “Black MLB Players” & “Black MiLB Players” series exist to reverse the historically inaccurate narrative that Black people do not participate in baseball’s numerous roles, as Black Americans, Afro-Latinos, and Afro-Caribbeans have an illustrious history with baseball that spans over 120 years. I also seek to bring more visibility to the diversity of the Black players, coaches/managers, etc. in MiLB/MLB. I believe it is underreported, overshadowed, ignored, and neglected even though it is one of the important positive developments that professional baseball has at this very moment. The purpose of these articles is to celebrate the Black talent that has reached professional baseball and show individuals the large and diverse presence of players from all over the African diaspora.

The role of this independent blog is publishing commentary about the sport of baseball, publishing the “Black MLB Players” and “Black MiLB Players” series, doing commentary, reviews, and breakdowns of films, tv series, comics, novels, etc. I am a sports journalist, screenwriter, novelist, and I have experience writing fiction under the structure of other mediums such as graphic novels and short stories. I will be providing links to my other published work below so you can become familiar with my content.

My online portfolio: https://www.clippings.me/users/tangibleuno



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Patrick Ellington Jr.

Patrick Ellington Jr.


I use this blog to cover Black baseball players from all over the African diaspora in MiLB & MLB and review TV series, films, novels, comic books, anime,. etc.