Notable Black Baseball Families Part 1

The first entry in an article series on Black families from throughout the entire African diaspora who have made notable contributions to the sport of baseball

Patrick Ellington Jr.
6 min readMar 15, 2023


Baseball is heavily associated with family, as the love for the game is often passed down from an elder family member to a younger one. My earliest memories of the game of baseball involve me spending time with my father at his house watching Derek Jeter and the Yankees on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.

This article series will not only focus on African-American families that have played in the Negro Leagues, Latin American Winter Leagues, MiLB, and/or MLB but notable Black families from throughout the entire African diaspora who have had multiple members make notable contributions to the sport.

Luis Tiant II & Luis Tiant III

Luis Tiant II and his son Luis Tiant III are two of the greatest Cuban pitchers to have ever stepped foot on a mound. The careers and player profiles of both have tons of similarities and complete opposites.

One is known for his time in New York. The other is known for his time in Boston. Both Afro-Cuban strikeout artists pitched…



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